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work shop signsA.M. Engineering is a family owned business that has been trading for more than 30 years and has gone through several major changes in product and service offerings.  We started life more than 30 years ago now as an engineering and automotive repairer, whilst remaining true to our original passion of the motor industry we now specialise in Horsebox and Motor home repairs.  KMA Accountancy has over the last several years been a key member of our team, they have helped us to change the way we do business, offering not just the usual accounts and tax advice you would expect from an accountant, but the value adding stuff too.  They have advised us on pricing, cost management and business growth to enable us to really understand where our strengths lie and to change our business to make more profit and achieve our goals.

I would highly recommend Kim, David and the team, as there motto says The accountants who don’t just keep the score, they help you to win and they certainly do!

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