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I am aware of some very worrying developments in the world of scams so whilst I don’t want to frighten, I thought it would be wise to inform you of some of the scams happening right now!


A CIMA Accountancy colleague (based on the Wirral) received a call from a very distressed business owner and below are the details in his words! : –


“My mobile rang, and It was the husband of a lovely lady client who has a very well-run nursery.

Steve Wynne-Jones was ringing from Cardiff Court, ringing on the land line of the nursery

informing the business owner that she was due in court in 15 minutes because she owes HMRC £6K.

He can go into court now and sort it for her, but she had better pay the money into court or else they will get a CCJ against her.

This Steve Wynne-Jones knows she hasn’t received any paperwork from HMRC, and yes if not owed the CCJ would be set aside, but this would take 12 months.

In this time, she wouldn’t be able to borrow anything and there would be a slur on her record.

And the bailiffs would call anyway, and the bill would rise to £9K!

(This doesn’t compute with me – far more than they add on in “Can’t Pay? – We’ll take it away”.)

Hence husband has rung me.

While he is still on the phone, I get online on my agent’s account.  She does not owe £6K, although she has not paid the January Self-Assessment bill, which is just under £3K.

More grist to the mill in her mind because she knows she owes this but has just forgotten to pay.  (There is plenty of money.)

I tell husband it’s a scam. I say give Steve Wynne-Jones my number and I will speak. He says there isn’t time – pay now or else.

I say under no circumstances pay or give any bank details etc.

Client, scared to death, not convinced, but reluctantly takes advice.

3 hours later, husband emails to say he’s been digging around the internet and come across another business who has experienced exactly the same scam from the same person.

Phew! good result in the end.

Watch out, everyone. They really are out there after you”.


I’ve had first-hand experience of this one as a criminal purporting to be from the VAT fraud team rang my parents’ home. 

Unfortunately, my mother answered the phone and was threatened with HMRC had discovered a VAT Fraud in connection with their business and my mother needed to take a note of this number and write it down and call it immediately. 

They threatened all sorts happening to them unless she called this number there would be a raid etc.  Luckily she didn’t do anything…. she tried to write the number down but was too upset to think straight.

My parents are 82 and did have a business until a couple of years ago with my brother and had recently sold some commercial property.


Breathe!HMRC will not call you!!  It’s almost impossible for us to get through to them!!!  😊.

HMRC will write to you first chasing money and then eventually they will send it to a credit chasing agency, but you will get notification.

We think we are never going to fall foul and luckily most of us don’t, but the odd person does and that’s why they persist. 

Please pass the message on to your family and friends to be aware.  With the current pandemic I fear we will be seeing many more scams surfacing around Tax payments/VAT and vaccinations.

There is a government agency where you can report these too, but these criminal gangs are so sophisticated they seem able to remain under the radar and avoid being caught so maybe just better to be aware.





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