The bag you’re not allowed to buy and the lesson it can teach us on positioning

Increase your profits with positioning – here’s how with a story about the bag you’re not allowed to buy can perfectly demonstrate a great business lesson!

There on the front of all the magazine and catwalks of the world.  Expensive designer gear and in particular designer bags are everywhere .  Watched and wanted by young and old rich and famous or neither.   The likes of Victoria Beckham and Kate Moss, Stella McCartney are all involved in the world of the super rich and designer brands.  The bag I’m talking about though is special…’s comes with a £6000 price tag which even if you can afford it doesn’t mean you will be able to own one though! 

The bag I’m talking about is a Hermes Birkin – it’s shrouded by mystery and intrigue because it’s the bag you are NOT allowed to buy!  There is NO waiting list, no order process, nothing.  Unless you are an A-Lister, the Birkin is an exclusive bag that you just can’t buy.

It is believed that this coveted bag takes around 48 hours to make by specialist “artisans” in France, and even the shop assistants can’t tell you when they’ll get a delivery of Birkin bags.

You’re probably thinking “That’s all well and good, but what’s it got to do with me?”  Well the answer is quite a lot actually.  Let me explain:

Hermes has made positioning of their Birkin bag an art form!  They want to be seen as the brand for the Super A-List.  They don’t want to follow other brands that have been tarnished by “Knock off copies” like for example Louis Vuitton and Channel.  They want to maintain their exclusivity and that’s exactly what this does.

They are so very difficult to get hold of and because of this they become rarer and instantly more attractive and valuable.  The scarcity of supply makes them instantly more desirable and any fashion conscious A-Lister must simply have to have one!

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not suggesting for one minute that you should make your products or services impossible to actually get hold of and use, but you can take an important lesson from Hermes and their Birkin bags.

Do you have an ideal customer?  Why not make a product or service for just them? By making your business the go-to in your industry, you instantly become more desirable to your customers.


If you try to appeal to everyone you’ll appeal to none! Its worth some though, right?

Speak soon

P.S You can read more about the Birkin here:-



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