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Time Management Time Management

I often hear from prospects and customers I just don’t have enough time to get everything done. The fact is we all have the same amount of time. What’s very different is how we choose to use our time. Watch this weeks video on time management to find out how you can manage your time to greater effect…
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Presents for staff CAN MY BUSINESS PAY FOR GIFTS TO CUSTOMERS (& anything else this Christmas)?

At Christmas lots of business owners give their customers a little something to say thank you each year. A bottle of wine or whisky are probably the most common. The question I get asked is……can the business pay for it? Click here to find out…
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How do I plan? How do I plan?

As 2021 is coming to a close it’s vital that you have a plan in place ready for 2022. Click here to find out how you should go about putting your plan together…
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Personal Balance Sheet Your Personal Balance Sheet

As 2021 draws to an end we know it’s been really challenging due to COVID-19 but it’s a good time to review your business success. Click here to see how you can improve your wealth using a personal balance sheet…
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Z is for Zero-Based Budgeting The A to Z of Profit Growth – Z is for Zero-based Budgeting

Can you believe it’s already our final episode of The A-Z of Profit Growth Series? This week find out more about Z is for Zero based budgeting and how this provides a cost effective basis for resource allocation. Click here to watch the final episode…
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KMA Spring Statement 2022 KMA October 21 Budget Newsletter

Here’s the October 2021 Budget summary written specially for our clients. What did the budget say and what does it mean to small businesses? Click here to find out more…
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Y is for Yearly Plan The A to Z of Profit Growth – Y is for Yearly Plan

It’s the penultimate A-Z of Profit Growth and this week we are talking about Yearly Plans… Do you know how important a yearly plan really is? Watch this weeks video to find out why you need a yearly plan and the best way to go about creating one!
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X is for Expand The A to Z of Profit Growth – X is for Expand

This week’s A-Z of Profit Growth is focusing on Expanding! Expanding into a new market area, new product or service offerings can transform a business. To find out more about this watch the latest A-Z video!
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W is for Workflows The A to Z of Profit Growth – W is for Workflows

Is your workflow as efficient as possible? Are there any extra steps in your process that you don’t actually need? Watch this video to find out how you can improve your workflow!
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V is for VAT The A to Z of Profit Growth – V is for VAT

This week’s A-Z of Profit Growth is focusing on VAT… Did you know that there is more than one VAT scheme? To find out more about the different VAT schemes watch this weeks video!

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