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There’s no such thing as a FREE lunch……or is there? Business Planning

Why a little extra help is very often needed and how using Growth Accelerator you can access it for a fraction of the true cost, in effect many many free lunches :-). It’s a real bargain of an initative and you’d be mad not to take advantage of it.
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Auto Enrolment – Don’t give the tax man money for nothing?

Auto Enrolment – Do you want to be hit with a £760,000 fine?  No I didn’t think so!  In which case I’d recommend you read on and find out if it affects you as you may have to take some
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The Number 1 way to change your life – Belief

Whether you think you can, or think you can’t…you are right, read how belief and believing in yourself will make a massive impact on your business.

Being sucessful is all about having the right beliefs, the right attitude or “mindset”. If you dont believe in yourself you will never have a successful business.

Read on to understand why it’s so important!
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People with Signifcant Control Refister Summer 2015 Budget-What does it mean to business owners?

As a business owner what does the Summer 2015 budget have instore for us?   The chancellor’s last budget went off without a hitch and most people don’t think it had much impact or do they? Download our Summer 2015
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“Mama told me not to go”

Have you ever thought twice about going to a conference? I’m about to go off to my CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) Members in Practice annual conference and here are my thoughts on why it’s really important to take time out of the business to focus “on” rather than “in” it!
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It’s just an idea……….or is it? The importance of planning

It’s so refreshing when you hear an entrpreneur say FAIL to PLAN and you PLAN to FAIL. An amazing story with many great lessons for business owners. It’s easy to say it but what do you plan first? Read on for more info and download a copy of the planning checklist.
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Mother’s Day or any other “holiday” – How your business can have the advantage!

Mother’s Day or any other “holiday” – How your business can have the advantage and stand out from the crowd, it’s a crowded market out there and you need to shout above all the other noise.  Read on for some great ideas on how to take the market by storm……
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Sick Pay, Tax Relief – Just what the doctor ordered

Sick Pay, tax relief – just what the doctor ordered I know you are probably thinking, what can a trip to the doctors and sick pay, tax relief all be about.  Let me explain….. For many small businesses having staff
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Did you know, it’s “National Fun at Work Day”!

Just in case you didn’t realise today is “National fun at work” day. I know, you’re sitting in your office with a cuppa thinking, it’s January, it’s cold, wet and windy and dark for most of the day and admittedly fun at work isn’t the first thing to spring to mind.
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EU VAT changes 2015 – are you ready?

If your business makes supplies of Telecommunications, Broadcasting or Electronically supplied services in the EU from 1st January 2015, you need to be aware how this will affect you. Even if you are not VAT registered in the UK, this may affect you and in a survey KPMG did recently, almost two thirds of smaller businesses were completely unaware of the new rules.
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