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Are you missing out on these legitimate tax savings?

With the end of the tax year looming in the not too distant future, it’s time to take the challenge and see if there is any opportunity to be more tax efficient. Grab a coffee and continue reading here.
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Six tax saving strategies Six of the best ways that every business can save tax

Six simple ways that every business can save tax above board and legally! Has your accountant told you about them? Feel free to download in exchange for your email and your agreement that it is ok for us to email some of our other great accountancy/tax and business strategies aimed at helping you to grow your profits! Don’t worry we will not share your email with anyone else, we will not bombard you with emails and you can unsubscribe at any time. Keep reading here….
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2016 budget summary document picture 2016 Budget Summary

Here’s the KMA guide to the recent Budget that George Osborne delivered. Feel free to download your copy and digest what it means to you and your family!
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KMA guide to the Autumn Statement Nov 15

KMA Guide with our slant on the Autumn Statement November 2015.   This was the first time for many years that the Spending Review and the Autumn Statement had been combined.  As a result, much of the emphasis was on
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KMA Automatic Enrolment Service Guide

Are you worried about Auto Enrolment? Do you have the time and knowledge to ensure you meet your legal requirements? Don’t worry help is at hand, KMA Accountancy can help you ensure you are ready to go and don’t fall foul and end up with a huge fine that could potentially spell the end of your business.
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Maximising Cash reserves Latest Newsletter from KMA on Budget 2015

KMA BUDGET 2015 Latest Newsletter from KMA on Budget 2015.  Heard the news, seen the headlines, but how does the budget 2015 impact you and your business?  Well to find out more download the latest newsletter from KMA on Budget
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Autumn Statement 2014

For more information on the main points from the Autumn Statement 2014 download our new fact sheet.  Written specifically with the small business in mind and what the changes really mean to you and your business.   Autumn Statement 14
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Is planning important?

This essential guide summarises the reason planning is critical to any new business venture if it is to be successful.
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Why do business owners need a CIMA Accountant

This essential guide summarises why a Chartered Management Accountant is the best type of accountant for your business
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Top 10 Tips to Improve Profitability Quickly

This is the essential guide to improving your profitability quickly
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