Do you need more than 24 hours in the day? Well here’s how…..

Do you frequently feel like there are just not enough hours in the day to get everything done? Do you get overwhelmed, can’t see the “wood for the trees” and end up not achieving anything.  Do you frequently need more than 24 hours in the day? Well here’s how……. this article is written for you.

If you need to free up more time

Plan –decide what is most important task and then do that first.

squashed clocksReview each task and ask yourself “will this move me closer towards achieving my goals?” If no, do that later, after the tasks that will.

Remember the 80:20 rule…i.e. that 20% of your efforts usually generates 80% of the results. Make sure you concentrate on the 20%.

Draw up a “To Do” list every day, preferably the night before so you are productive from the word go.

Delegate if possible or outsource, be honest, how much of your time is spent doing work you are over skilled for? Multiply the time by how much you are worth per hour, this will tell you how much you are wasting by being ineffective at delegating, if you can get if done for less delegate or outsource.

Lead by example, encourage your team to delegate

Make meetings more effective, use techniques like standing up (where appropriate) holding them at close of business, circulating an agenda before hand and agreeing actions before leaving.

Work out your “prime time” reserve this time for your most important income generating tasks and don’t allow people to disturb you.

Don’t procrastinate – just do it!

Have a note pad with you at all times, for when you need to capture great ideas or things “not to forget to do” as these things crop up at the least convenient times.

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