Every aspect of your life can have a business lesson!

Having just got back from a family skiing holiday, it got me thinking about the parallels to business lessons.  You’re probably thinking – how can that be, you’re off enjoying yourself, so allow me to explain.


When you first decide to take up skiing, you have a goal – you want to learn how to strap those two skis to your feet, glide along and stay upright as much as possible, oh and probably the most important thing of all, stay alive!  Very much like starting out in business, you have a reason for taking the leap.  As time goes by, those goals change though, life gets in the way, you become comfortable and what once was a burning desire, gets lost in the day to day running of your business again very similar to learning to ski.  You start out with big ambitions of being a technically brilliant skier, able to get down any run, from easy to expert and then over time, just hanging on in their for dear life and getting down any slope you happen to find yourself on (after taking a wrong turning) is a major achievement.

The ability to measure and chart progress was enlightening

I have to say this year more than any other I realised after taking a year off, you can’t just expect to get back into the “saddle” and pick up where you left off.  It requires some serious thought, belief, and a lot of extra practice.  Pretty much like a business lesson, to get good at something requires effort and learning, as we all become “rusty” if we don’t do something regularly.  Planning and having the right equipment is also of paramount importance.  This was brought home to me when a couple of days in, the weather changed and we couldn’t see further than 20 foot in front of us, and I realised my old googles, just didn’t “cut it” any more.  Times change, just as they do in business, whether its technologically or we just aren’t as “up for it as we once were” and even the simple tasks seem to take longer and are harder to carry out!

Light bulb moment

One day I was sat soaking up the atmosphere and the beautiful scenery over a large Hot Chocolat.  I was talking to one of our friends who told me about an app for skiing – where would we be without an app!  When I first started skiing we didn’t even have phones you could make a call on – let alone “a smart phone”.  This app is called “Ski Tracks” and it revolutionised my holiday, for the first time I had some metrics.  I was now effectively “keeping the score!”  For a business owner, this was enlightening for a number of reasons: –

  • I could now track the important numbers of my day – my mileage in terms of skiing done, altitude skied at and how long I had been out skiing.
  • For someone who likes to take it easy due to skiing fitness, there was no hiding. I could see at a glance how far and long I had skied each day.
  • I could see the steepness of the slopes I had skied that day and pat myself on the back at how brave I had been.
  • My top speed skied during the day – believe me this was scary for someone who thinks they don’t ski fast, to realise I’d hit over 30 m.p.h.

The parallel to business here is immense as without these measures I was skiing almost blind as I had no idea of “the numbers” that day and therefore it would have been so easy to kid myself I was making progress.  Measuring the same metrics each day gave me a benchmark and the ability to make changes and improvements on a daily basis to get better!.  This was absolutely enlightening and meant I made progress each and every day getting closer to my ultimate goal of being a “technically competent and elegant skier” well one out of two ain’t bad! 

Grinning Face With Smiling Eyes on Emoji One 1.0

I have to say that the mountain air is amazing and you have to concentrate so you come back refreshed and ready to go and it gives you a fresh perspective on your business because you have plenty of time sat on lifts to think!

Thought I’d share a couple of beautiful scenery shoots!

plenty of time to focus and reflect on business whilst taking in the amazing scenery


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