I don’t know if my existing marketing is working.

You need some Business Improvement Analysis on Marketing spend If you are investing in marketing, you really need to understand if it is cost effective and giving you the desired results.  This is where KMA accountancy can help by providing you
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I know I need more customers but I have run out of ideas as to where they would come from.

You need a combination of Business Advisory and Proactive Services In order to put a plan together to get more customers the first step and vital step is to understand the profitability of your current customers and of the services
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Running my own business is lonely but I have no one I can discuss ideas/share best practice with

You need Business Advisory Services Many business owners find it both lonely and tough when running their business. It’s especially hard when you’re on your own and faced by difficult decisions which, once made, need to carried through. If you
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I have too much work on and I don’t have enough time to think about the strategy and making the business more profitable.

You need some Out Sourcing help It’s vitally important for you to concentrate on the strategic direction of your business rather than simply spending all your precious time rolling up your sleeves and getting stuck in with the day to day work.
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I want to exit my business but I don’t know if its in the best shape it could be to sell or pass on.

You need Exit Strategy planning and Management Information Just like selling the family home selling a family business is often a big financial and emotional decision for the owner. For many owners its important to get the highest price possible –
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I’m not sure I’m as efficient in business as I could be, am I paying people at the right time or am I affecting my cash flow and company credit rating.

You need Cash Management You need some good advice on the whole process to ensure you understand the cash requirements of the business, so a good cashflow forecast and robust budgets are of major importance. You need Debtors Control It
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I keep getting penalties because I don’t file information on time

You need Pro-active Services Does this happen to you?  It really doesn’t need to.  We work proactively with our clients to ensure that this doesn’t happen as we ensure accounts are produced efficiently and quickly on receipt of records. Other
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I worry about tax and HM Revenue and Customs, am I paying enough or too much tax? I don’t always know in advance and that causes me sleepless nights when I have to suddenly pay a large bill.

You need Tax Planning We work closely with our clients to ensure their business is operating as tax efficiently as possible in order to minimise the amount of tax due to HMRC whilst at the same time complying with the
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I don’t have faith in my current advisers as I don’t feel they are working pro-actively and in my best interests.

You need Pro-active Services It maybe that your business has grown to a size that your existing accountant can no longer deal with.  Here at KMA Accountancy we have a wealth experience working with businesses, both big and small, over
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I need to raise some funds, I think I may need to borrow it, but I don’t really know how much, where to go or how to present my case.

You need help Raising Finance We work with clients on a regular basis who know they need to raise additional finance but don’t know where to start.  The first step, is for us to listen, understand and discuss with you
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