Business Review nets 10% cost saving and results in tax savings

Web Design Agency (service) Solution: We conducted a business review amended the VAT scheme, gave up to date advice on what was claimable and how, reviewed pricing and recommended increases and introduced cross selling and premium prices products/services.  Incentivised sales staff on profitability rather than sales
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The original tenders for recycling contracts gave little incentive for the customer to deliver the ‘promised’ volumes and the business carried all the financial risk if the volumes were low.

Recycling (service) Solution: We amended the tenders and inserted tiered pricing and volume rebates to incentivise higher sales volumes whilst leaving the business exposed to little financial risk if the volumes didn’t materialise. Result: Contracts were won without the business
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The business had a complete lack of reliable and timely information in order to (1) know how the business was performing and (2) make sound decisions

Replacement car hire provision (service business) Solution: We implemented key performance indicator (KPI), sales and profitability reports Result: We identified issues such as falling profitability allowing corrective action to be taken almost immediately.  

How to finance growth. Is it better to invoice factor or to take out a bank loan ?

Toner Cartridge Recycling (manufacturing) Solution: We prepared profit and cashflow forecasts under both scenarios Result: It became clear that the management’s preferred route of a bank loan was not the best option.  

A US manufacturing plant had no accurate information on what was in production, what stage it was at and what was the value of the stock and work in progress

Business : Golf ball manufacturer (manufacturing) Solution: After a thorough review we implemented a perpetual stock taking system. We also identified a number of internal control weaknesses which allowed theft of finished stock to occur with limited chance of detection.
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Worsening cashflow, mainly due to levels of stock and staff being too high

Business : Toner Cartridge Recycling (manufacturing) Solution: We reduced both stock (by reducing non core product stock and changing service offering to customers) and overhead costs. Result  We reduced the workforce by a third with the intention to cut premises costs by
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An inefficient sales returns handling process

Business Import & Wholesale of telephones (consumer products) Solution: We redesigned the process and cut out waste Result: Within 6 months stock levels had fallen by £1.5m (or 25% stock) and £100,000 worth of cost had been saved each year  

Disappointed with the profit made for the long hours

Business : Catering (service) Solution: We identified improvements throughout the sales and service delivery process which would both save time and increase the average sales value Result: Reduced the time spent throughout the process by 25%  

UK company was making a £500,000 loss on sales returns but didn’t know why

Wholesaler of sports goods (consumer products) Solution: We reviewed the sales returns process and identified improvements, including replacing goods rather than issuing credit notes wherever possible Result: The loss on sales returns was reduced and profitability increased  

Sales invoicing process inefficient & very high % of sales prices which were wrong

Importer & Wholesaler of telephones (consumer products) Solution: We redesigned the process and reconfigured the IT system Result: Almost immediately virtually no sales price errors were made. The customer service team was halved saving £25,000 a year.  

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