Job Applicant, is this a naive error in judgement or a sign of the times and why it’s relevant to your profits

I was chatting with a business colleague recently and was astounded by what he said.  He had just been interviewing for an apprentice.  His business is growing, he has big plans, and to be fair he’s a really smart, switched on entrepreneur.  He has worked hard, built his business, and is looking to super charge the growth now.  Jerry wants to massively increase the turnover of his business and profits over the next 5 years and has some pretty lofty goals.  He knows though, that he can’t increase the profits of his business without employing more staff, but more importantly the right kind of staff.  Those with the right attitude, who get that customer service and a job done well Is key.

We were catching up about our respective businesses and how “It was all going” when we got onto the subject of recruitment and how hard it can be to get the right staff, with the right attitude and shared beliefs and values.  He told me that he had been trying to get an apprentice, someone who can learn the ropes from the bottom and grow with the company.  Clearly a great opportunity for a school or college leavers as Jerry really would “look after them” in terms of not only package but great experience.

Imagine my surprise when I heard that not only did one of the candidates arrived late and didn’t dress for success, they had not done any research.  Imagine my surprise, why would you turn up for a job interview knowing nothing about the company. 

  • How do you know that you’re going to enjoy working there?
  • How do know whether you have any skills that would make you stand out at interview if you know nothing about their products or services
  • What does this show about your attitude
  • It’s easier than it has ever been to research with the advent of the internet… my day you had to travel to a commercial library to look stuff up, or ring yellow pages and try to get the companies phone number and ring up and ask for an information you could get your hands on to be posted out. Either way it required planning and effort…..

Do young people get no guidance from anyone, anymore?  Do schools and colleges not teach interview skills or life skills?  Do parents not help to prepare their children for the world of work?  Do we make it too easy now with the advent of everything being online and negate the need to think for yourself or was he unlucky?

From my own experience when I last recruited I’d say he isn’t alone in his findings.  I was amazed at the number of people who couldn’t follow simple instructions and when coming for interview expected you as the employer to do all the work.  I had one lady say to me quite indignantly, “I phoned and left a message to find out the address of where I was coming and you didn’t phone me back. “She seemed surprised when I said, yes we did that for a reason to see if you could show ingenuity.

In the words of Gary Vaynerchuk you don’t need more and more team players you just need the better skilled ones.  It’s certainly made me think for the next time I need to hire someone.  Hire for attitude, train for skills and expertise.  This is the way to increase your profits quicker!

Good luck getting the right person next time you recruit!




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