KMA Accountancy – Look Forward & Be Positive

“KMA Accountancy – Look Forward & Be Positive”



In this video Kim talks about how to come out of this Coronavirus Pandemic in the best way possible for you and your business!


Hi, Kim here from KMA Accountancy, I’ve just had a great webinar with clients in the local business community, providing support and answering questions on what has been announced by the government in terms of support packages, so whether you’re self-employed, employed, or a business owner. Clearly everybody is very concerned right now about what’s going on, but the overriding factor that was coming out was the need to be positive and to really focus forward and focus on your business and what it’s going to look like at the end of all of this isolation. So I think it’s really important that we do look at and use this time wisely to make our businesses stronger. Bye for now. 


So, I hope that’s helpful. If you need any help, just shout.

Otherwise, look out for some more of my videos on what help is available.

KMA Accountancy Business Survival Toolkit



That’s it from Kim at KMA Accountancy, the most recommended and referred Accountant in South Manchester and Cheshire.


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That’s it for this edition of KMA’s Help videos regarding Coronvirus and help available to small businesses.

If we can help with anything included in this edition or if you’d like to talk to us about anything Accountancy or Business Development, please get in touch.

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