KMA Goldmine TV E27KMA Goldmine TV – Episode 27 – Standing out Marketing

“KMA GOLDMINE TV EPISODE 27 – Standing out Marketing “



Here, Kim Marlor talks about standing out using your marketing in inventive ways

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Hi, it’s Kim here from KMA Accountancy with another episode of KMA Goldmine TV.

Aimed at helping you take your business from where it is now to where you want it to be. As you can see, I’m in a car park today and just seen a Tesla go past and it just got me thinking about a way of helping you to grow your business. So here we are. Don’t know if you are a Tesla driver. I’m certainly not. I wish I was. However, they’re masters of marketing and profits.

What they’ve done ultimately is they’ve just released a couple of new things in their cars, a couple of modes. One is Romantic mode and the other is Fart mode. Yes, you heard that right! FART Mode. What are they? Well, in essence a little bit of a gimmick. Romantic Mode, basically, you can recline the seats. It brings up on a big screen in the front of the Tesla, a log fire, a roaring log in fact, and it plays some nice romantic music. Fart Mode, on the other hand is as it sounds, basically the driver of the vehicle, and I’m not wishing to be sexist here, but you know Tesla, know that their market is guys of a certain age. Basically, the driver of the car can surreptitiously press the button that releases up to nine different Farts. The mind boggles – anyway. As you can imagine if you are the owner of a Tesla and you can do this surreptitiously so your passengers have no idea, you can have all kinds of fun.

Now what Tesla know is that this is a big marketing point for them because obviously, they know their market, they know, you know guys love this sort of thing and they’re going to talk about it. They’re going to share it with all the friends, their family. Obviously, people that have experienced this are also going to talk about it and you know, everyone’s having a great laugh about it and it’s going to clearly be free advertising for Tesla.

Now they’ve obviously got lots of money and they are not doing this to do the marketing on the cheap. They’re doing this because they really understand how to increase their profits. They know, they will get more people. The Guys that have bought Tesla’s, are going to know other guys in the target market and they’re going to tell them. We all know that we love people recommending stuff to us. Word of mouth is the best way to increase the sales of your product or service. So if they’ve got people doing this for them, free of charge, but also it’s more powerful because it’s a personal recommendation as opposed to somebody just say a Tesla is brilliant because x, y, z, we believe people that we know, we know, like trust them and will believe what they say to us and ultimately potentially go and test drive a Tesla.

I happened to know a friend of mine who’s really into in into his high end cars, he probably wouldn’t have bought a Tesla, but that coupled with other people telling him about it meant he went out and test drove one and has now bought one. So your business, what can you do that just raises you above the parapet, makes you stand out from every other manufacturer, provider of the service or product that you sell?

What’s going to make you different? What’s going to get people talking about you, whether it costs you money or not, but makes you stand out and be different and get your message out there. Because ultimately, if you can clearly, you know, sell more at the right price, you’re going to make more profit. So that’s it for this week’s edition of KMA Goldmine TV.

I’ll sign off from a sunny car park, in hale, until next time.

Bye for now. If we can help with anything included in this edition or if you’d like to talk to us about anything Accountancy or Business development, then call us now on 0161 410 0016.

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