Did you know, it’s “National Fun at Work Day”!

Just in case you didn’t realise today is “National fun at work” day.  I know, you’re sitting in your office with a cuppa thinking, it’s January, it’s cold, damp and dark for most of the day and admittedly fun at work isn’t the first thing to spring to mind.

If we can have fun at work so can you

At KMA Accountancy, we are just submitting the final tax returns and all the work that entails, January is definitely not a month most accountancy practice associate with fun at work.  We do!  But we are different. Believe it or not, we always have fun in the office, that’s because we believe it works to have a happy working environment.  We have all worked in organisations where the culture is very stuffy and serious and laughing or even talking is frowned upon.  Well not in our organisation and I suspect not in most of your’s either.

Why not have some fun with your team today, take some time out to find out more about them. What type of environment they would like to work in?  The tasks that they really love?  Share with them your companies goals, mission and vision for 2015.  By communicating your vision for the business for 2015 and onwards you may just put a smile on everyone’s face as they feel included, valued and part of the integral success of your organisation.  You will see a marked difference in attitude, motivation and crucially output when this exercise is done properly.

Business should always be fun, after all we spend most of our time as work, do you LIVE to WORK or WORK to LIVE?  Don’t get me wrong I love what I do and I’m passionate about helping business owners to live the lives they want and to have fun.  Helping them to understand what makes their businesses work and more successful, but I definitely work to live.

If you like some tips on how to really understand your business better, get a better handle on the future growth and inject some fun back into it, then grab a free pdf version of our book.  Click the link here to grab your copy now.  


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It will give you some great tips on how to supercharge those business profits

  • Spend less time at work and more time on the things that are fun and you love doing
  • Put a smile back on the bank balance and the bank manager’s face.
  • Inject some fun back into your business by concentrating on the things you love
  • Understanding who is best placed to do certain tasks and that it’s ok to outsource or delegate.

What are you waiting for, don’t get stressed and miserable with your business today, focus on what’s going to make the business go faster and put a smile on your face. 

Best of luck!

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