“Mama told me not to go”

I can hear Tom Jones song ringing in my ears, when last year I was chatting with my mum about the time constraints I found myself under.

I was about to take nearly three days out of my business to travel to an CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) Members in Practice Conference when I had deadlines approaching, a business to run, my daughters school holidays looming on the horizon just a few weeks away causing me sleepless nights, the stress of organising childcare, plus the guilt of not being around to run my business fully or worse still the guilt of not spending precious time with my daughter. 

“Timing not right!”

My mum’s advice to the dilemma I found myself in was “not to go”.  I spent a lot of time deliberating was she or wasn’t she right and to be honest I could have easily given myself the excuse not to go.  The timing just wasn’t right, but I did go and had a fabulous time. 

Well here I am again, in exactly the same place….about to travel down to the same conference this year.  However, one major difference this year was that I value the conference and can justify easily why I should go and more importantly it’s all planned into the work schedule as far as possible.  Sure emergencies sometimes happen, but that’s life, thankfully for me that’s not an issue!


I carefully weighed up the benefits from the conference and the answer was a resounding YES, on so many fronts.  Let me explain why

  • The obvious benefit for me was from continuing professional development (CPD). I need to attend courses and conferences to keep updated as a Professional Chartered Management Accountant.
  • A major consideration for me is the ability to focus on the business, rather than the day to day working in it! It’s such a valuable thing to do and I recommend it.
  • As well as the obvious CPD benefits, I get to listen to some great international keynote speakers on “Business” from Sales and Marketing to Motivation and much more. I’m sure I’m not alone in finding it difficult on how to get my message across succinctly.
  • Really valuable to me is the interaction with the other conference delegates, who like me are Professional Chartered Management Accountants. They also run their own businesses and suffer from all the same issues that I face throughout the year.  As a result of the relationships that are forged I can really on their help and support for the next twelve months.
  • I can recharge those motivation batteries to have the best business that I possibly can.
  • Build relationships and alliances with fellow accountants who perhaps work in a different niche to me, or offer complimentary services.


As you can see I heartily recommend taking time out of the business to reflect, learn and rejuvenate the passion for your business and conferences are a great way to do that.  I’m raring to go and I can guarantee that I’m going to come back with a few “golden Nuggets” for me and the team to implement as a result.


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