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Most businesses have now shut their doors on 2021 and are taking some well deserved time off over the festive season. 

It’s traditionally a time that business owners reflect on their prior year and gear up ready for the new year.

So, in this video Kim talks about the ‘Must Ask Questions’ to get your 2022 off to a great start!

In this video Kim will give you some ideas on the questions you need to ask so you can get 2022 off to a great start.



Must ask Questions…

Hi, I’m Kim Marlor from KMA Accountancy and in this video, I will explain the questions you need to ask so you engage the best accountant for you.

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If you are frustrated and don’t know the questions to ask when choosing an accountant, by the end of this video you will have all the killer questions that will give you the information that will enable you to choose the right accountant that is best for you.

Question 1… 

Ensure the accountant you choose is qualified

Unfortunately, accountant is not a protected term, so anyone can use it. It’s quite scary to think anyone can set up in business and call themselves an accountant. By ensuring they are qualified it will mean they will be regulated by their professional body and continue to keep up to date. They will have passed professional exams in the first place which proves a level of professional competency

Question 2…

Ensure they understand your personal and business goals.

Did they even ask, or did they jump straight in with the usual accounts and tax services offering without considering if that is really going to help you achieve your goals!

You might not have complete clarity, but if they have never asked how do you know they can and will help you achieve your goals. You need to have a clear vision of where you are going, and your accountant can help to get you there. Helping and supporting you every step of the way! You need to look strategically not just tactically, otherwise you may make short termist decisions that will take you further away from your goal.

Your accountant should be able to help you put a plan together. Most plans are out of date as soon as they are written but it’s the art of planning and thinking deeply about your business that achieves the magic!

Question 3…

Do they talk your language – Do you like them and feel comfortable talking to them?

As your accountant is effectively the Finance Director on your board of directors, you need to like them, and be able to work with them.

Traditionally a bank manager although less so now and the accountant will normally be a small business owner’s first point of contact if they’ve got any troubles. You don’t want someone who talks down to you or you just don’t understand! Do they care? Are they going to make you feel like you are the most important client they have, after all you don’t care that they may have lots of other clients that range in size from very small to very large. To You, Your business, Your family and You are the most important people!

Ask the accountant to demonstrate that they’ve done this in the past for multiple of their customers and prove it via testimonials, case studies, or videos?

Question 4…

Are they open and transparent with their fees?

Do you understand why they are suggesting the services they are and is it clear how they can help you and your business? …you might decide you want to start with a lower service level to build trust and due to finances.

Is it a fixed fee and are there extras? Do you know how you will be billed? You should get a written proposal! Are you clear on what services you will receive and what you will need to do yourself?

There are a number of services an accountant can deliver for you and your business and it all comes down to time and money yours and theirs!

Some people don’t want the hassle of doing anything and want the accountant to do all the bookkeeping, Vat returns, payroll, and accounts just to keep them legal and keep the tax man at bay. They value being able to sleep at night and are not stressed by the day to day of running the business and doing the accounts as well.

So, what can a good accountant do to relieve stress? Well in truth lots – some people are worried about tax, some people hate the hassle of bookkeeping, some people want estimates of the tax they will have to pay before year end. Some people value their accounts & Tax returns being done and filed way before the actual legal due date, so you are not on the last minute. Whatever is important to you ask the accountant how they can demonstrate they’ve done this for their customers in the past!

Question 5… 

How contactable are they?

When we are speaking to prospective clients for the first time, we hear this is a major bug bear for most people. They can never get hold of their accountant, they don’t ring them or email them back.

Do they have certain response time for emails, telephone calls and letters? We all know people do get busy; I certainly do.

So, I can be in meetings, but if I’m in meetings, or I’m on holiday, or if I’m not directly contactable, do you have a second point of contact or a third in the office? So, one, how contactable are they? And number two, do they have more than one point of contact? I think is really important, so you get the service level you deserve.



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It is important that you take professional advice before making any decisions based on the information that you learnt here. While every effort has been made to make sure it is accurate it cannot be precisely tailored to your personal circumstances. This article is for general information only and no action should be taken, or refrained from, as a result of this information.  Professional advice should be taken based on specific circumstances in each individual case.  Whilst we endeavour to ensure that the information contained in the article is correct, no liability  will be accepted by KMA Accountancy which is a trading name of Kim Marlor Associates Ltd or damages of any kind arising from the contents of this communication, or for any action, inaction  or decision taken as a result of using any such information.

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