Accountancy & Taxation

Annual accounts

All businesses large or small must produce accounts for submission to the tax authorities.  Whilst we would recommend management accounts, we do appreciate that for many small businesses annual accounts are the only guide to the financial health of the business.  In these circumstances we aim to produce these as quickly as possible so the owner has the most up to date information available.


Accurate and timely record keeping is essential for any successful business in order to maintain control.  It is a requirement to ensure that records are kept and available for inspection by HMRC.  We offer advice on which systems to choose for keeping accurate records making it easy and efficient to suit the individual business.


If keeping up to date with current legislation is one headache you would rather not have, just outsource your payroll to us.  We will complete it on a weekly or monthly basis and send all the relevant reports and payslips over, so you don’t have to worry.

Tax advice

Tax is frequently something that keeps many business owners awake at night.  Not only can dealing with HMRC be extremely stressful and time consuming, but very costly if you get it wrong.  Let us ensure you pay as little tax as legitamely possible whilst taking the sleepless nights away.

Corporation tax

There are strict deadlines for submission of Corporation tax returns, so not only will we take away the risk of filing late and getting a fine, but we will ensure you are in the best tax shape you can be.

Self assessment tax services

Don’t want to do your self assessment tax return yourself?  Fear not.  At KMA Accountancy we can do all that for you in plenty of time, well before the 31st January deadline.

Tax planning

We will offer advice on the best ways to structure your business and personal tax affairs as getting this wrong can have a huge impact on the amount of tax you pay.  We have your best interests at heart, so as little of your hard earned profit as possible is paid in taxes.


VAT is an area that lots of clients find complex and worrying.  This is quite understandable because if you get it wrong or are late in filing then penalties can be incurred.  We simplify this for you and offer advice on the best way to proceed and identify the best scheme for your business.  Alternatively, you can outsource it completely and we will give you peace of mind that you are paying the correct amount of VAT, in time with no nasty surprises.

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