Business Planning

Business plans

A business plan is your vision of how your business will look.  It is a really important tool in ensuring your business is set up correctly and grows as you wish.

Many businesses only produce business plans when they are looking for finance from a financial institution.  However, they are a very useful tool for business owners and really help a business owner ensure the venture is successful and true to its ambition.


Allow us to help you really understand what is going on “under the bonnet” of your business.  We can help with profitability forecasts and ensure you have the tools to review your business performance against your targets and take corrective action if necessary as soon as possible.

Sales Process

Do you have the right management information available to maximise your sales?  We can help you get the most from your customers.

Business start up advice

This is a really exciting time for any budding entrepreneur.  However it’s also fraught with risk and stress.  We get you on the right track to hit the ground running, worry free, equipped with all the tools and information you need to win in business.  We offer full guidance on areas like business planning, putting in place the right business structure and raising finance.

Business growth advice

You have been in business a year or so now, have done well and are now facing the next challenges of how to take your business to the next level.  Let us help you to achieve those next goals and reap the rewards of all the hard work you have put in.

Raising Finance

We have a wealth of information and contacts to ensure that whatever project you need you can raise finances for.  We help you work out what your requirements are, give advice on how the money can be raised and who you need to approach.

Software implementation and training

Most businesses need some form of financial management software to be used by their own staff.  Such software can provide a more cost effective way of managing business finances than using an external bookkeeper.  There are many packages available, for example, Xero, Sage, Tas, QuickBooks  to name but a few. We will help you choose the right one for your business and set it up to provide the information you need, quickly and accurately and train your staff in using it.

Cost reduction

At KMA Accountancy we can advise you on areas of your business where the costs are too high and offer suggestions on reducing them.

Business improvement

We can mentor you to have the best possible business, whilst at the same time remaining true to your personal goals.  We act as your own personal Finance Director, so you can focus on your business, safe in the knowledge that you are being looked after by experts.

Exit Strategy

If you are thinking of exiting your business over the next few years, then you really need to start thinking about it now. We can give advice on the best way to present your business if you want to sell it and get the best possible price. Or advise on the most cost and tax efficient way to ‘pass it on’ to someone else.

Corporate Finance

If you are selling or buying a business, then we can help with the process in terms of financial modelling and pointing you in the right direction to complete the process.

Business Adviser

It can be really daunting to run your own business.  We can help by providing a sounding board for sharing ideas, or discussing business concerns.  With many years of experience we know how to be impartial and objective and help you make your business prosper further.


We can help you understand what marketing is doing for your business, which marketing strands are working and the right marketing metrics to track for trends.

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