“Xero – Cloud Accounting Software ?”


“What is Xero Cloud Accounting Software and can it really help to grow your business?”

In this video about Xero – The UK’s leading Cloud accounting software: they talk about how the business landscape has changed and how businesses are getting ahead of their competition by making sure that they are on top of their numbers so they can make the right decisions at the right tine to grow their businesses!

Have you outgrown your current bookkeeping method? Or are you just not able to see how your business is doing when you want to at the touch of a button. Does your accountant talk to you about how you can harvest technology if not then maybe it’s time to think about making a change and start looking at what else is available…remember NOT ALL ACCOUNTANTS ARE THE SAME!

We find that too many business owners are spending too much time and money on their bookkeeping AND are running their business blind because they don’t actually know how their business is performing.

Here are the top 10 ½ frustrations and worries – which ones apply to you ?

  1. Spend too many hours bookkeeping
  2. Customers taking too long to pay
  3. Not making the profit that they want
  4. Financial information isn’t up to date
  5. Not knowing the business is performing
  6. No Dashboard summarising all the key financial numbers on one page
  7. Data isn’t 100% secure or backed up
  8. Using an out of date version of the software which isn’t supported
  9. Not complying with HMRC’s Making Tax Digital rules

10      No 24/7 access to the financial information AND from ANY device

10 ½  System can’t be improved to save time and make life easier

Do the ones that you’ve mentally ticked worry you ?  If the answer is yes then there is a possibility that a modern cloud based accounting system (such as Xero) might be the best solution for you.

To find out more arrange a Xero Discovery Meeting with Kim or David – our Xero experts. CALL NOW ON 0161 410 0020

Over a coffee we will review your current bookkeeping set up for you and let you know what your options are and the benefits for each. That way you can quickly decide what is the best solution for you to eliminating those worries and frustrations..


“I didn’t think I would…but I love it”.

Xero has saved me so much time and hassle.

Raising sales invoices and preparing VAT returns is amazingly quick.

Clients are also paying us quicker which improves cashflow and that’s because it’s so easy to see what invoices are due for payment or are overdue.


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