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Maximising Cash reserves Maximising your cash reserves!

As we come out of lockdown and try to get back to “normal” whatever that is, maximising your cash reserves will be more important than ever. Here are 11 strategies to maximise it!
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The Bounce Back Loan Scheme Bounce Back Loan

In this video Kim talks about “The Bounce Back Loan Scheme” that was announced on Mon 27th April 2020. It will be open for applications from Mon 4th May 2020. Find out if you are eligible and what the criteria is here…..
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Getting Paid headline slide How to Get Paid & Cashflow Management Best Practice

In this videos Kim shares Best Practice, quick wins and how to have the very best Credit Management Process and ensure you get Paid thus ensuring great Cashflow Management!
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KMA Goldmine TV E25 KMA Goldmine TV – Episode 25 – Cashflow

In this week’s episode Kim talks about Cashflow and some import pointers on how you could improve it!
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How do you plan for cashflow?

“How do I plan for Cashflow” Kim Marlor talks about how you plan for cashflow. How hard it can be to keep a tight rain on your bank balance in business and what to do to get it under control
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Tax saving ideas get in quick before 5th April 2021

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Tax saving ideas get in quick before 5th April 2021 – downloadable pdf

Grab the KMA 2021 Tax saving checklist. Are you as Tax Efficient as you could be?
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