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Business structure KMA Goldmine TV – Episode 22 – Business Structure- Sole Trader/Partnership/Limited Company/Limited Liability Partnership

In this week’s episode of KMA Goldmine TV, Kim talks about the pro’s and con’s of different business structures which you need to consider when starting out on a new business journey!
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Are you missing out on pricing opportunities KMA Goldmine TV Episode 16 – What pricing opportunities are you missing

In this weeks KMA Goldmine TV Episode 16 Kim Talks about how not to miss out on income opportunities
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Making tax Digital - Part two KMA Goldmine TV Episode 14 – Making Tax Digital

In this weeks Episode of KMA TV, Kim talks about Making Tax Digital and what it means. Make sure you’re not one of the £1.2 million business owners who knows nothing about it!!
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Kim at the Eva Awards 2018 KMA Goldmine TV Episode 13 – Awards

In this weeks Episode of KMA TV, Kim talks about why entering awards is a good idea if you want to increase the profitability of your business.
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KMA Goldmine TV KMA Goldmine TV – Episode 7 -4 ways to grow your business!

In this weeks Episode Kim talks about the 4 ways to grow your business.
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KMA Goldmine TV Episode 6 KMA Goldmine TV Episode 6 – Clarity and knowing your numbers!

KMA Goldmine TV Episode 6, we are now well into 2018 and Kim wants you to revisit your vision and clarity over the numbers and profitability.
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KMA Goldmine TV Episode 5 – What makes you different?

In this weeks episode 5 Kim talks about positioning – what makes you different and can you be good, fast and cheap all at the same time?
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Episode 3 KMA Goldmine TV Episode 3 KMA GOLDMINE TV – Why did you go into business?

In this Episode, Kim talks about the importance of knowing the who, what and how of attracting your target customer
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KMA TV KMA Goldmine TV Episode 1 – Think Big…Win Bigger

“KMA GOLDMINE TV EPISODE 1 THINK BIG, WIN BIGGER!”      “THINK BIG…WIN BIGGER” Here, Kim Marlor talks about how it’s really important to take time out of your business to think and plan! Summer is the perfect opportunity
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