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We always ask clients for an honest assessment of their experience of working with us.  It’s important to help us continually improve what we do. Here are a few of their observations on our services to them.

As most people I had an accountant and they were fine but in my dealings with KMA Accountancy, and David Swarbrick in particular, I sensed that they would be more than fine. As a creative photographer I do not just take pictures, I go above and beyond to understand my clients needs and this is what I saw in David.

He was never going to be “an accountant” who just did sums. Such is his interest and experience of working with all sizes of business he is able to draw on this and share with me, all the while being discreet. Knowing what tends to work and not work in business is of great value to me because it saves me both time and money.

He saved me more than his fees for the year in the first month. Enough said really!

If you want someone who really is part of your team, who will ask questions of you rather than just wait to be told what to do then David and KMA Accountancy are perfect.

Anyone can be a bean counter, but not everyone makes sure they are the right beans and that you harvest enough of them.

Daniel Killoran, DKPL

CMR-relocation-logoIn using KMA Accountancy we have found an accountancy firm that have taken the time to understand our business and provide a value added service. They are approachable and highly professional in all that they do.

Darrin Bloomfield, CMR Relocation Ltd

As soon as I met with KMA Accountancy they began providing more value than I had received from my previous accountant in 2 years! The team continue to provide solid business advice that is improving profit and cashflow and saving tax in the business as it grows. Had I known that this level of servcie was available in the market I would have moved to KMA Accountancy long ago!

Jon Hassett, Global River Ltd

Dealing with David Swarbrick over the past few years has always been a great pleasure. He is very professional and has delivered excellent work. I have no hesitation in recommending him as an accountant!

Jan Repko

I would like to say thank you for the time you spent with me discussing our future plans for the business. I feel like you really care about IC Dental. You have given me some great ideas to help our business grow and make more money.

I find you very easy to talk to as you are a great listener with excellent solutions. You have helped us with our accounts and tax for the last two years and I would recommend you to anyone.

Jo Crewe, IC Dental

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