M is for Margin Percent GoalsThe A to Z of Profit Growth – M is for Margin Percent Goals


It’s time for the next A to Z of Profit Growth… This week M is for Margin Percent Goals!

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KMA The A to Z of Profit Growth – M is for Margin Percent Goals

That’s it for this week’s edition. Watch out for next weeks episode.

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It’s that time again, it’s Kim with your next profit growth advice. M is for margin percent goals. As I mentioned in the G edition, goals increase profit. Today, we’re talking about gross and net margin percent goals. The way I go about tackling this is by implementing gross and net margin percentage targets, product-by-product or service-by-service. This will create the levers which will drive your company and help increase profits. Small tweaks across a number of areas will make a big impact on those margins. Each target is a piece of the jigsaw that results in an overall company profit increase. Also, a good idea to understand where you sit in your industry compared to the average gross and net margins. They’ll also help you understand the product-service mix and what is the most profitable product or service line to focus on, saving you time, energy, and money.


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