Must ask questionsThere’s no such thing as a FREE lunch……or is there? Business Planning

There’s no such thing as a FREE lunch ….. or is there….maybe massively discounted?

Are you fed up with not making enough money for the effort you put in? then for the answer to your prayers you MUST read on!  

Here’s a little story to illustrate why business planning and indeed planning in life go hand in hand.  Why it’s important to list out what is really important to you and what you can compromise on.

A young couple had saved hard all year to go on their first dream holiday together. They were very excited about going on a big adventure, they turned up at the travel agents and booked the first holiday the travel agent showed them, because they only had half an hour as they had met up at lunchtime and had to get back to work.  They didn’t know what type of holiday to go for.

To cut a very long story short, the holiday was an absolute disaster.  The accommodation was awful and the girlfriend was unprepared for the surroundings she found herself in (trekking through a hot and humid jungle, getting bitten by insects and being ill, with the wrong holiday clothes was not her dream holiday).

You see the problem was –

Neither of them did their research and planning thoroughly beforehand

They had not discussed in detail so neither really understood the others idea of a dream holiday destination

They were so busy on the day to day stuff that they didn’t do much planning, so made a rash impulsive decision (that didn’t pay off)

They weren’t realistic about the end goal – the holiday

They made the error that many business owners make which is:

Not planning to fail, but FAILING to PLAN

Luckily for them, they were able to sit down, laugh about it and learn from it that next time they would spend a fair bit of time discussing and planning where to go.

This has parallels with business as a lot of business owners fall into this trap. They are very good at producing their product or delivering their service but fail to plan properly and as a result they find themselves.

  • Working extremely hard
  • Hardly taking any time off with their family
  • Not having enough money to do the things that they want to do
  • Struggling to have the time or money to get away on holidays and buy the finer things in life
  • Feeling stressed and tired of constantly being on a treadmill
  • Worrying about the future
  • Longing to be more successful so they can have a “nicer” life
  • Feeling that the effort put in doesn’t warrant the money available to take out!


It really doesn’t have to be this way

Do you constantly worry and think “if only”

  • “If only “I could find someone to help me “see the wood from the trees”
  • “If only” I had the money to pay for extra
  • “If only” I could sell more
  • “If only” I could increase prices
  • “If only” I had more time in the day/week/month I could get more done
  • “If only” I could afford to take time off
  • “If only” I wasn’t so stressed, tired and worried all the time
  • If only, If only, if only”

These are all common problems, they can be fixed.  We know, because that’s what we love doing..

  • Making more money!
  • Getting your pricing right!
  • Working smarter and not harder
  • Having your ideal clients
  • Increasing your sales smartly
  • Maximising income and cashflows
  • Making your business processes more efficient and cutting waste
  • Defining the right measures for the critical performance areas of your business so you have peace of mind that everything is under control
  • Getting the most out of your team
  • Less hassle and a nicer life J

The end result is that you and your family feel great because you have a business and lifestyle that you want and that you envisaged when you first decided to take the plunge and do it for yourself

We know that the impact we can make by helping you to implement these changes is worth many hundreds if not thousands of pounds monthly.  Imagine the difference to the quality of life, the value to you and your family enjoying this great lifestyle as a result could be priceless.

Based on our experience most of these problems can be fixed when working with us for a few hours over regular periods.  You may think you can’t afford us, or anyone else to get you back on track, but you’d be wrong………….

We can help you

David and I have been accepted as Growth Accelerator Coaches, working with Winning Pitch and the Business Growth Service.

For a fraction of the cost normally, David and I can help you focus on making 2016 YOUR best ever year.

Then call us on 0161 410 0016   to find out how you might be able do this for a fraction of what it would otherwise cost (many, many free lunches if the truth be told).

To find out how you can get David and me working in your business (I do let him out occasionally 🙂 ) call us now.  I know you won’t regret it when you’re lying on the beach on that dream holiday!

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