Want to know what Sir Clive Woodward taught me?

When Clive Woodward took over as head coach of the England rugby team in 1997 they were sixth in the world and his mission was to take them to be top of the world and become world champions. The rest as they say is history, because in 2003, courtesy of a Jonny Wilkinson drop goal in the last minute of extra time, they did it just that! What an achievement.

Last week I was privileged to spend an hour with Sir Clive and learned what he did to turn a talented team into champions and what businesses can do to do the same. It’s his belief that a great team is made up of great individuals. So to have a better team every member of that team must improve. His point is that talent on its own is not enough to set any player, team or business apart from the rest of the crowd.

If you’re part of the crowd, businesses are going to struggle to succeed and generate any real wealth for yourself. Talent therefore is the start and not the end as many would think.  Sir Clive realised this and so he was on the lookout for sponges.  Sponges I hear you say….What do you mean? Let me explain.

Sir Clive’s objective was to improve and develop the team and to achieve that everyone in the team had to take responsibility for improving their own performance. In turn this meant that everyone had to be able to evaluate their own performance (ie what was good and what was not so good). This approach meant that all of a sudden everyone was now able to spot those little things, those tiny improvements, which could improve their performance. Now if everyone in the team is doing this can you imagine how many little improvements were made in the 6 years in the lead up to World Cup Final?  Yes quite, hundreds and it’s all these small changes over a period of time, that resulted in winning the World Cup.

Sir Clive’s message to businesses was to go out, learn and implement. Learn from the best in your industry. Having more knowledge and a positive can do attitude will invariably mean the passion for what you do will just ooze out of your business to customers and prospects. Let’s be honest we love people and business owners who are passionate about their business and want to help their customers.  Have a mindset in the business of ‘What can we do better?’ in order to spot these opportunities to improve and then implement because over time those improvements will lead to far greater results and you will “Win the Match, Series and competition”

So what’s on your list to improve in order to WIN IN BUSINESS?

David and I are constantly looking at ourselves as individuals and then our team to improve, we do an enormous amount of continually professional and personal development to make sure we are the very best Accountants and business owners we can be.

If you want to be part of a WINNING TEAM and you’re not sure you and your current accountants are, then call us now to review your current performance and we’ll help you make some small incremental changes to ensure you get the ball over the line!  Callus now on 0161 410 0016


Enjoy the finals of the world cup!

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