Working on it or in it?

I regularly hear people say ‘I am working really hard, but my business seems to be stagnating’. When I dig deeper I often find out that they are working in, rather than, on the business. For a business to be successful, you need to focus on your strategic goals and take steps to achieve them.  So ask yourself the question “Are you working on it or in it?”

As SME business owners we often get pulled into the nitty gritty of running the company.

It could be dealing with a customer issue, or a staff management problem or a product or service review. It is really hard to take yourself out of your day to day operational role and review the strategy and direction of your business. At KMA Accountancy we recommend our clients do this on a regular basis, ideally weekly or monthly. Some do quarterly or half yearly, but it should not be left any longer than that.

Once a week we meet with fellow business owners and discuss areas of our business that we want to improve. We block out a couple of hours in our diaries, sit down in a quiet meeting room and discuss the things that are keeping us awake or causing us pain and bounce ideas off each other. Usually this helps us see a way to overcome the obstacle in our path.

It’s all too easy to put off these meetings, but it’s important in moving the business on to where we want it to be. It’s all about taking time out to focus on the bigger picture. It’s amazing to see the impact over time of small step changes made on a regular basis.

Here at KMA Accountancy we like to practice what we preach so we commit to this process with our clients. Some of the things we’ve talked about include:

  • improving systems to free up more time
  • increasing your marketing reach and getting more sales
  • increasing overall profitability by delegating more or outsourcing jobs
  • advising on staffing issues and incentives

I would definitely recommend setting aside a couple of hours with your accountant to bounce ideas off them and get clear in your mind how to move your business on and achieve what you want from it. Act now before even more time has passed by!

Good luck in working on your business. If I can help then please feel free to contact me.

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